Saturday, December 15, 2012

Its almost 2013 and I haven't posted in a LONGGGGG time. SO.... Time for an update and overhaul of the site. New year, new changes, new me and lots to get done. I've moved out of my parents' house and into a camper with my boyfriend which means I no longer have the space for stampin' or scrapbooking, but I have still been crocheting. I haven't really written any new patterns though so I need to get back on that train. (yes thats a play on words for a shout out to my fav band!) I did create a pdf file of the pattern I wrote a long time ago for the Triple Layer Trivet and I'm going to figure out how to put it on here for download. Eventually.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ongoing Craft Projects

My Giveaway is still going on so please be sure to check that out and get your entries in. I have several projects ongoing at the moment that I will be sharing with you over the next week. My spring wreathe, a faux gumball machine, and a birthday tin. I finished a few scrapbook pages a week or so ago that I want to show as well, and I got some pictures of the purple baby blanket with the baby it was created for to post also. She is adorable, and her name is Anna Claire.

My spring wreathe is not going as easy as I thought it would. The paint is peeling on the pots and I think its because I have put too many layers on trying to get the color I want, so I have to step back and start over a bit on this one. In the meantime I found another source of inspiration in the tutorial pictured here.

So this one was easy to do. Although I made a few changes on my version. The hardest part of this project is finding the right size pieces to fit together. Spray painting them is a little bit time consuming but other than that there is nothing left but glueing them together. Here is a picture of mine in progress.
I decorated mine a little differently as well as using an additional flower pot saucer under my glass bowl. Adding the saucer adds more stability and allows the use of a bigger fish bowl. Here is my finished gumball machine.

I used a paper ribbon on the bottom of mine and decoupaged striped butterflies all the way around it. I also found a metal tag in my collection of scrapbook supplies that I adhered to the front to simulate where the candy comes out at.

I don't like overloading you with pictures on one post, so I will post some more tomorrow. Hope this day has found you happy and in good health. Happy crafting and Lets get Hookin'.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I didn't get anything done on my Spring Wreathe today what I had planned so pics of it in progress will have to be posted tomorrow, or Tuesday (I think I have a doctor's appt Monday). I haven't been very crafty at all today in fact, due to a general yuckiness feeling since last yesterday afternoon. Maybe if I sit and crochet a bit I will feel better (and warm up my hands).

So in that spirit I want to do a Giveaway starting at 12:00am midnight tonight and ending Friday at 12:00am midnight. There are multiple ways to enter as you will see on the widget below. The winner will receive one of the Crochet Purses, of my choosing, that I have in my collection. This is a design that I sell, and not a pattern that I intend to post (though I may write it up and sell it on revelry at some point).

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will answer them asap. Thank you for reading and stopping by my blog today. May your day be crafty and fruitful! Let's get Hookin'.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

More Inspiration

Hope this day finds you all happy and crafting! Thanks for coming by and reading my little craft blog. My name is Tina and I love to make anything crafty, and I find lots of inspiration! For the most part I like to crochet and papercraft but I find myself doing other things when the mood hits! Its always depends on the day. I hope I can inspire you here on my little blog and teach you a few crafty things along they way.

Been crafting on and off the last few days but I want to show you one thing that I'm working on right now. Its a scrapghan that I'm making just for me with a found pattern. I'm crocheting it with 2 strands of yarn throughout, one being always black, the other being the scrap color.

Here is my current inspiration. Its a spring wreathe that I found at a thrift store. I'm in process of painting the little pots and then I will be putting mine together. I will post a picture of when I'm done. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Been getting Crafty

Been in a very non specific craft mood these last few days those not really sales minded for my craft show coming up. Otherwise my craftiness hasn't really been in papercrafting or crocheting. I posted the Valentine's Day wreathe that I saw and liked, well here is my version that I made of it.

It looks differing shades of red depending on your angle of view because of the way I just misted it with a few strokes of paint. If this inspired you to make one like this please post me a link to yours and I will pick my favorite to spotlight on my blog. This was a papercrafted wreathe though since it contains about 75 quilled roses.  They started as a pile, on my floor, of loosely twirled paper which became roses when I hot glued them into shape. They took form once I begin putting them into position on the frame. They started to take on a life as I added the paint and it all came together with the ribbon.

I had fun with this project and I will show tomorrow of another similar project I am working on! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Awesome Tutorial

Here's a great Valentine's tutorial I found today. I will post pics of my version of it tomorrow! Hope you enjoy! (I can't take good pics of it this late at night on my front door!)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bounce Back

So I've decided to have another stab @ this blogging now that I'm cancer free and done with chemo. Thought maybe I should make this another blog about dealing with chemo and lymphoma, but honestly, I live it and deal with it every day, and this blog is one of my escapes from it. I may mention my health from time to time but don't subscribe to me for cancer updates in the news and a general personal day to day view of my health.

Cancer has decided my life course for little over a year now, but I'm free now and ready to regain control. I had to put much on hold in my Rennie world that I hope to straighten out now, as well as get my crafting business back up going. I was unable to travel to Arizona this year for either work or play due to the timing of my last round of chemo. I will however, be at Georgia this year, either working or playing. I've scheduled a craft fair the first of April and I've got plans for some new products. So let's get Hooking!

So here you have a baby blanket that I finished recently for my daughter's best friend. I actually got it done on time too! I fell in love with the colors she choose and the design I made for her so much so that I am writing it up in a stroller blanket size to put on revelry. I'm also remaking it in this size as a sample of my custom work. It will be displayed at my craft fairs as a sample with a sign saying that I take custom orders. I have also been doing these adorable pocketbooks which are available custom as well.

Well that's it for covering my general bounce back. I talked of plans and some new things brewing here but there is still more in the works. I have already taken photos of several projects in progress to show you, as well as got many more inspirational ideas to talk about. Please comment in the section below about anything you've read, seen, or heard here that piques your interest! I'm open to new ideas as well. Thank you.