Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bounce Back

So I've decided to have another stab @ this blogging now that I'm cancer free and done with chemo. Thought maybe I should make this another blog about dealing with chemo and lymphoma, but honestly, I live it and deal with it every day, and this blog is one of my escapes from it. I may mention my health from time to time but don't subscribe to me for cancer updates in the news and a general personal day to day view of my health.

Cancer has decided my life course for little over a year now, but I'm free now and ready to regain control. I had to put much on hold in my Rennie world that I hope to straighten out now, as well as get my crafting business back up going. I was unable to travel to Arizona this year for either work or play due to the timing of my last round of chemo. I will however, be at Georgia this year, either working or playing. I've scheduled a craft fair the first of April and I've got plans for some new products. So let's get Hooking!

So here you have a baby blanket that I finished recently for my daughter's best friend. I actually got it done on time too! I fell in love with the colors she choose and the design I made for her so much so that I am writing it up in a stroller blanket size to put on revelry. I'm also remaking it in this size as a sample of my custom work. It will be displayed at my craft fairs as a sample with a sign saying that I take custom orders. I have also been doing these adorable pocketbooks which are available custom as well.

Well that's it for covering my general bounce back. I talked of plans and some new things brewing here but there is still more in the works. I have already taken photos of several projects in progress to show you, as well as got many more inspirational ideas to talk about. Please comment in the section below about anything you've read, seen, or heard here that piques your interest! I'm open to new ideas as well. Thank you.

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  1. Way to go. I understand trying to get life back to normal. Hope the health will continue to go well. So that you can get everything up and running again