Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Been getting Crafty

Been in a very non specific craft mood these last few days those not really sales minded for my craft show coming up. Otherwise my craftiness hasn't really been in papercrafting or crocheting. I posted the Valentine's Day wreathe that I saw and liked, well here is my version that I made of it.

It looks differing shades of red depending on your angle of view because of the way I just misted it with a few strokes of paint. If this inspired you to make one like this please post me a link to yours and I will pick my favorite to spotlight on my blog. This was a papercrafted wreathe though since it contains about 75 quilled roses.  They started as a pile, on my floor, of loosely twirled paper which became roses when I hot glued them into shape. They took form once I begin putting them into position on the frame. They started to take on a life as I added the paint and it all came together with the ribbon.

I had fun with this project and I will show tomorrow of another similar project I am working on! Thanks for reading and enjoy!


  1. I love how yours turned out. The color is awesome! I hadn't thought of it til now, but maybe I will have to make a pinker one next year for another door :) Great job!

  2. Love your wreath. The shells have a 'rose bouquet' look. Lovely! and Welcome to PBU!