Monday, April 4, 2011

I've been so busy...

That I have forgotten to post on here. I still have not gotten a pic of the green eyelet shirt, though it is a little big on me, width wise. The shoulder straps keep falling down so I may take it apart and cut the yoke down some. I've made a few items more for the craft show I have at the end of this month including some bookmarks. I also got another crochet basket made last weekend while I was in Charlotte, and I will try to get a picture posted of those as well.

Yesterday and today I visited the Cheraw Spring Festival and walked around the craft fair there talked with a lot of the vendors. I also saw the Civil War re-enactment and their camp site. I love re-enactments and I got the website from them to check out. That would be a new costume to make, but another hoop skirt. Next weekend I'm headed back to Charlotte for a sewing party as a friends house and I plan to take my bustle dress and get started on it. Hopefully I can get part of it cut it out between now and then so I can actually sew next weekend.

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