Friday, April 22, 2011

Been Busy Crafting

I've been super busy this week preparing for my craft show next weekend so I'm sorry I haven't posted any since Monday. I'm glad so many have enjoyed my Skinny Notepad tutorial. After the craft fair I will post more tutorials and patterns, trying for at least one a week.

I found a beautiful (to me) 1920 black wood and iron suitcase to dress up my craft table with next weekend, I just need to sand some of the rust off of the iron but I'm going to leave the black scuffed as it is. The wood inside is in great shape to be as old as it is, I will ass pictures of it later on when I can.

I also saw a cute corner shelf at another thrift store that I'm going back to get Monday, but it will have to be repainted. As well as a wire mesh basket that matches two of the ones i already have to display my items in. I love shopping thrift stores, I rarely have money to spend in them, but it is amazing what you can find there.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!


  1. The suitcase sounds pretty! Can't wait to see a pic!

  2. I love going to thrift stores & antique stores! So many goodies just waiting for new homes. :)