Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to my craft room!

Its a little bit messy in here right now because I've been making craft fair items to sell at the end of April. I sent my app off today to get a crafter spot at the Bethune Chicken Strut, and I have lots to make between now and then. I took the time out today though to sew together a summer shirt from the green eyelet material I bought 2 weeks ago and actually cut out yesterday. Except for a few hand sewing touches its almost ready to wear and it is adorable, I will try to post a pic of in the next few days.

I have a big weekend planned so I wont get much crafty done this weekend unless I take my crochet with me. I'm headed to a friends play in Charlotte friday night and to another friends birthday party on saturday night in Matthews. I won't return home until Sunday sometime. And all this is planned after I have Chemo tomorrow all day and my follow up shot on Friday.

I do indeed plan to post pics and some tutorials of the craft fair items I'm making as well as the crochet baskets I will be selling. And after all that is done I plan to start a quilt (my first one) which I will detail on here and that will be followed by my Steampunk Victorian bustle dress diary.

Enough teasing for one night, its late and I must be off to bed, sweet dreams to all!